Lilley Farms Natural Holstein Beef is sold by the side and 1/2 side. The beef is priced per pound of dressed weight. A dressed side weighs about 400 pounds and yields approximately 200 pounds of cut and packaged meat. You will get a variety of steak cuts, roasts and ground beef with each side. The meat comes vacuum sealed and frozen and each package is clearly labeled. Our beef is processed at West Gardiner Beef in West Gardiner, Maine and is available for pick up in West Gardiner or Smyrna.





Chuck Chuck Ground Beef
London Broil Shoulder Stew Beef
Ribeye Rib Soup Bones
Porterhouse Rump Short Ribs
T Bone Bottom Round Beef Liver
Club Top Round Beef Heart
Strip Eye Round Beef Tongue
New York Sirloin
Short Cut Rump
Face Rump
Top Round
Sirloin Tips


Not all cuts show below are available. Please contact us for further information.

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Beef cut chart.

Image courtesy of The Beef Checkoff.

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